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At, (My associates and I)  have a sincere commitment to our customer and client satisfaction.

We started out like most do. We researched and obtained as much information and knowledge that would enable us to work from home.

Information is Knowledge leading to Power over your future to succeed!

It was an amazing journey through the volumes of information available.

Some of it was 'OK' information, and a good deal of the material was very bad. Too much of the information was even fraudulent.  The scams were titanic, vast and massive!

With that said, we managed through the journey maze and, over time, learned what we required to become winners in a profitable and very rewarding home-based business.

What we learned, we now want to share with others.

Knowing exactly how to start making money in your own company is key to achieving great success with your business venture.

There are different types of home based businesses. You can work as a contractor without having to start-up a company. You can register a corporation or simply set up a proprietorship.

We do not provide legal or professional accounting guidance. We suggest you seek the necessary assistance from qualified and certified Attorney's and CPA's.

Our informational products and resources provide you with step-by-step instructional materials in a variety of legitimate, profitable and proven business ventures.

If you are interested in a complete turnkey business, we also offer an Internet educational reseller opportunity. Everything necessary is provided for you to be successful in earning income from a 'work-at-home' online business.

A few years ago the percentage of Internet users was high. Today it is a way of life for more than a great many consumers. Every year more users come online looking for information.

The information can be about your pets, children, parents, cars, boats, painting, singing, sports, cooking, health, exercise, writing, teaching, and just about any and every subject matter there is in life itself. And, that too. Meaning information about life.

You can become a part of the technological revolution of self entrepreneurs and begin today to undertake a wonderful way to earn income. Working for yourself benefits you!

All the while being in your own business, you have great opportunities to be of assistance to other people and become a helping hand in many different areas of interest.

Whether you provide a product or a service makes no difference. What makes the difference is doing something about the desire to be in your own enterprise with the possibility of earning a high income (money). You can be in control and direct the operations, procedures and policies within your own organization or contracting company.

Your trade can include only one employee, YOU, if you wish!

You can hire other employees or simply offer contractual positions to assist with the tasks and requirements to be performed.

Owning your own Domain Name and Web Site is an ideal opportunity to earn money. It can be your primary or secondary endeavor.

Having an online Internet business, has to be the best job and business on the planet.

More About Us

We wanted to keep our business small and continue to work from home. However, we wanted to make a lot of money!

The way we accomplished this was to search out and find the expert professionals that could assist us with the information, products and services including resources. Networking  provided the means to service our clients and customers.

We soon realized that we were also assisting many more clients and customers while at the same time helping those who were working with us to supply services and or products.

We gathered our data researched and documented the information by the use of digital media. We authored and materialized our knowledge in instructional eBooks, Video Tutorials or DVD Lessons.

Our writing, creating and  self-publishing informative and training business digital products including film productions has since become our primary specialty.

We provide educational and professional solutions on how to become our a successful home-based-business owner!

We now have a great many consultants and writers networking with us who have years of experience in their particular fields. This allows us to develop and present proficiency in all our completed products and resources.


Long before the names 'ebook' and digital media were known, I envisioned an electronic bookstore and instant access to information via advanced-technology.

I also experienced another mind image of computers being like tiny
transistor radios-(Ipod)Therefore, as a technical writer, computer programmer, instructor and technological support professional, it was inevitable that I would create informational and digital products.

The  focused media productions and specialized subject matter  publications were designed to assist and educate others with ambition to either create ebooks, learn more about upright home based businesses or start up their own venture.

Over the years in publishing and producing educational content, we have expanded our areas of interest to include the expertise of qualified professionals in subjects other than starting your own business or becoming a self-publisher or even web site owner.

As one example, we teamed up with a retired contractor who currently is a professional coach and trainer in DO-IT-YOURSELF home owner improvements. He produces video's and DVD's on how to perform your own home improvements at

You too, can start your own income producing lifestyle while working directly from home....

That is, of course, if this is what you would like to do!

I provide the means for some of the best and most proven profitable opportunities.

Those opportunities are awaiting your action.

I always enjoy and I am pleased to assist those who wish to embark upon a new career project or business.

Wishing you great success,

B. Robert

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You will find this site complete with information and details together with education, instruction, and training on many digital home business and Internet products, subjects, considerations, issues, resources and important facts as well as partner associations. We dedicate our mission to creating and publishing quality content in the technological digital age.

This site is unequaled and supreme to all others if you are interested in:

  • working from home
  • or starting a new home-based-business
  • or expanding an existing enterprise
  • or beginning a self-contracting career
  • or an aspiring or current writer wanting to self-publish
  • or seeking ownership in an online Internet site
  • or in search of quality choice home businesses


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