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Locating legitimate information and learning resources on home-based-business is essential to become successful in your self-employment venture.

Having the Correct Information will provide Knowledge leading to Power in your future to succeed!

There are a variety of e-books and the information for home based businesses is varied.

CAVEAT: Be cautious and very aware of Business Scams!

Your resources will vary in type material and content. Many will be books, ebooks, audiobooks, video, and seminars. Some of your resource material will come from Public Domain, independent writers, professionals such as Certified Public Accounts and Lawyers. Additionally, many resources and information can be obtained from Free United State Government material made available to the public.

You may find additional knowledge and resources from minority business centers as well as women owned, veteran owned, self-employed, and disabled learning entities,

The Internet will provide a great deal of information. This content must not be acted upon or assumed that it is accurate. You must verify most of the information you gather.

You will be able to learn a great deal from organizations created specifically for those wishing to start a new business.

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension provides education
Small Business Management Topics
Business-Assist Organizations
Lending Agencies
Data Center
Trade Associations
UMCE Home-Based Business Fact Sheets
 NEW Surviving Tough Times
Small Business Education Calendar
UMaine Extension Home
UM Home Page

You can also learn a great deal from SCORE Counselor's to America's Small Business at

You will have to weigh the pros and cons for starting and being in your own home-based-business or in any on-site location.

Many factors come into play and must be considered when working from your own home. You must realize that there will be an impact on your family environment.

You home business, most likely will involve a great deal of your time and money. You must be sure that your business must not come at the expense of your family life.

You must learn to set your priorities and effectively manage and maintain a balance of your time between your business life and family life.

You can find a great deal of your required learning FREE and should not find it necessary to spend a lot of money on information when you first begin.

Accessing Business Networks and Advocacy Groups provided by government or business associations should keep your education expenses minimal.

There are ebooks and information provided that are Free from other Countries as well.

Performing Computer Systems provides the resources and means for some of the best and most proven profitable opportunities and

Those opportunities are awaiting your action.

I always enjoy and I am pleased to assist those who wish to embark upon a new career project or business.

Wishing you great success,

B. Robert

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You will find this site complete with information and details together with education, instruction, and training on many digital home business and Internet products, subjects, considerations, issues, resources and important facts as well as partner associations. We dedicate our mission to creating and publishing quality content in the technological digital age.

This site is unequaled and supreme to all others if you are interested in:

  • working from home
  • or starting a new home-based-business
  • or expanding an existing enterprise
  • or beginning a self-contracting career
  • or an aspiring or current writer wanting to self-publish
  • or seeking ownership in an online Internet site
  • or in search of quality choice home businesses


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